Saturday, September 5, 2015

What Does A Hero Look Like?

You know for years I have heard people asking "where is the Church," and "where are the Christians" as they looked at the snowballing effect of what was happening in our country.  Well, here is one that did stand up and the frustrating thing is the response.  Of course the God-haters are up in arms about her actions, but as I have engage this current event online most of the pushback I am getting is coming from the Jesus-followers and the religious crowd (not the same.)  What does a hero look like?  Looks a lot like Kim Davis if you ask me.  

Like most heroes, even biblical ones, she is far from perfect and has made lots of mistakes, but in a moment that counted she made a decision to act and draw a line. Not only that, but she has held to it even though it meant going to jail.  However, the comments that I am getting from those who should be supporting her are all about how she did it wrong.  Much time and words has been spent telling how she should have done something different.  "Keep your head down!" "Just blend in!" "Don't like it, just quit!" She has been called self-righteous, selfish, hypocrite, bigot, ignorant, etc.  She has been accused of grandstanding, abusing her power, having a double-standard.  I have seen colleagues that I love and respect trying to deflate her important act of civil disobedience by creating false parallels and splitting theological hairs.  

I've seen well-meaning Christians dismiss Kim Davis' actions as unimportant because of the terrible persecution that is happening to other Christians around the world, particularly in the Middle East. To dismiss the lesser or "soft" persecution of what we are increasingly experiencing here in this country just because it is worse somewhere else, does nothing to address the problems here...which will only grow and get worse if not dealt with now.

I've heard many Christians talking about "Separation of Church and State" as if it were a biblical principle or part of the Apostle's Creed instead of what it actually is: a principle written in a letter by Thomas Jefferson meant to assure people of the Church that the state would not interfere or establish a national church.  People keep trying to judge current events by each new normal that hits us...Problem is, everything is broken.  It is wisdom to turn back to when things were working and make that the guiding principle.  In the Bible that is known as repentance. 

I've heard Christians talking about Romans 13 and the principle (and command) to submit  to governing authorities, however you cannot isolate one part of Scripture from the rest. Acts 4 & 5 clearly present the principle of defying authority if it conflicts with God's.  I see many other cases throughout Scripture such as Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego who defied a government placed over them by God and refused a command that would have caused them to deny their faith.

All the voices of those who should be supporting this dear lady are instead saying that she should just quit.  That she is immature in her faith and has erred.  But none of them...NONE, have made a stance for their faith that has cost them their freedom. Sitting there like the 11 still in the boat watching & criticizing Peter as he gets out and walks on the water. 

So, where is the Church? Where are the Christians? Right here. And if we don't have more like her and soon, the rights and freedoms that we have enjoyed in this country are going to disappear.  

(For those who would like to Send cards of encouragement to Kim you can do so by sending them to Kim B Davis c/o Carter County Detention Center 13 Crossbar Road Grayson Kentucky 41143)

(I speak as a Christian American.  My primary citizenship is in Heaven and whatever happens to this country I am secure in my future with Christ. However, I am also a citizen of this country that I love and am engaged with my vote, with my biblical worldview and with my freedom of speech)


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