Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guest Blogger: Josiah Schall (my 10 yr old son)

I found this written on my son's iPod Touch in the 'Notes' app.  He is 10 years old and says he wants to be a pastor when he grows up.  Though that is entirely up to the Lord as to whether or not He will 'call' my son into vocational ministry, he certainly has a great heart and desire!  He says he reads this when he is going through "hard times."  

Perhaps it would be a blessing to you too:

"Jesus. He rules the earth. No matter what you do he still loves you. He is the one and only savior and one and only God. Because he rules the earth. He rules the earth. Jesus saves us and cares for us. Jesus rules everyone and everything and loves everyone and everything. Jesus is the master of everything. Jesus is our savior and power he gives us strength through hard times and heals us when we are ill. Jesus is real and Jesus watches over us. Jesus is just truly amazing and powerful. If you make a mistake ask for forgiveness and Jesus forgives. Jesus created us like a potter makes pots Jesus is the potter we are the clay. Jesus protects us. Since we are Jesus' creations he loves us no matter what."


sharon schall Mimi said...

Oh how true, my special Josiah (boy King). I am so proud of you and your faith in Jesus and your love for Him.

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