Friday, April 27, 2012

Value Unchanged

I found this penny today in a garbage disposal in an old house. When I reached in (after turning the breaker off!) and pulled it out I immediately recognized what it was and its value. Though the image that it bears is barely discernible, its value remains unchanged. It must have been in the disposal for years; it's all chewed up corroded and worn down. And yet...its value is the same. I could take it to the bank and deposit it as money.

The point? You may have been through some things. You may have been thrown away by others and forgotten. You may be all chewed up and worn down by choices you have made. BUT you're value remains UNCHANGED to God. In Romans it says that while we were still broken by our sin (worn down, thrown away, corrupted), Jesus died for us because our value to Him remained UNCHANGED. Though we surely look as bad or worse as this penny we still bear His image as worn and faded as that may be. Because of His love and value for us, He paid the ultimate price for us because we are the most precious thing in the Universe...much more than a penny. Because of this we don't have to stay as we are. When we bring our broken, chipped and worn down selves to Him we are transformed and made new. His image is freshly places in and on us. We are made whole and complete in Him...a new creation. But through it all, our value remains the same...worth the highest price


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