Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poll Question re: Fasting

Poll question: Christian, have you ever fasted? Why? What type of fast was it? What were the results?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Did We Just Lose the War on Terror?

So much fodder for ranting this morning! :)

From my twitter feed: RT @cnnbrk: Army pulls Graham invite for prayer event due to "The Army..feared... Islamic militants would.."

I thought the whole point of the war was so that we would could have the freedom to make choices in our lives and our nation not out of fear but out of our liberties. And now here we have the leaders of our brave men and women of the armed forces making a choice regarding the National Day of Prayer out of fear that the bad guys might get offended?? This is not "military strategy" this is the effects of a culture that has lost sight of it's Christian heritage and roots, the very thing that made us great. This is a decision made from the quagmire of the modern concept of tolerance.

Franklin Graham is not some wild-eyed bigot from the fringes of culture. He is the respected son of Billy Graham and has taken up his father's evangelistic mantle after a long and difficult time of prodigal living.

Join me and many others, including Church leaders, community officials, and a ton of great people at the Cleveland celebration of the ("unconstitutional") 2010 National Day of Prayer on Thursday May 6th in Public Square in downtown CLE with events going on from 10am-1pm, with the central prayer for the nation happening at noon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day..

Today is Earth Day. (Actually I thought it was yesterday...oops! Will hug an extra tree for penance) I love the extra focus upon being "green" the last few years. I think it is fantastic that people are being mindful of conservation, recycling. I love that people who litter get nasty looks. :)

However, yesterday (again because I thought Earth Day was yesterday) I posted a snarky little comment that said "Forgive me in advance, but if someone comes up to me and mentions "Mother Earth" to me, I will flick them in the nose" Why so seemingly uncelebrative of this day? Well as I said, I love the new found emphasis on being green. The reason is that we are called to be good stewards of the earth that God created and gave to us to care for. Even as we rule over it, we are to be good stewards of His creation. Where I get snarky is this tendency to ascribe sentience or even deity to this world that we inhabit. This thing just won't go away. It even found a new thrust of emphasis in James Cameron's new blockbuster "Avatar."

Having said that, I do realize my growing trend towards ranting and I am trying to rein it in. It's just that I see God's truth continually being eroded in our culture to be replaced by things that have their basis either in paganism or atheism. I just have to say something. (wonder if anyone actually reads...or cares)