Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My identity and confidence

I will rest in what God has spoken over and about me rather than what others or even myself would say regarding who I am or where I am headed.

Monday, June 8, 2009

God's laws

Have you ever noticed how the people and prophets expressed delight in God's laws in the Old Testament? Not just the 10 Commandments, but all of God's laws. How could this be so? In our 21st century American mindset we would view all these laws as restrictive, choking, binding. What was it that these people saw that most of us would be unable to see?

I am pretty sure that they recognized that these laws were a gift given by God to set them apart as a people distinctly to be known as the people of God. This was a covenant of love...love from God to His people, love for God by His people, and love for one another. It was also meant to be a light for all peoples, as well as an indicator that God had set in plan a motion that would lead to the salvation of all who received it.

In the midst of the growing chaos in this world, where systems are breaking down, people are being confused by new found exposure to the world's other religions, and other things... this is a time where those who follow God's ways will stand out as a witness to God's love. Rediscover God's law; particularly in the new covenant setting. You will find not restriction and bondage, but rather freedom and joy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Stupid Church Signs

I saw another stupid church sign the other day. As some of you know they are my pet peeves. You've seen them... "God reads 'knee-mail'" & "Wal-Mart's not the only saving place..."

I know, right?!!? retarded.

The one I recently saw was a permanent part of a sign...not just the letters you can put up and change periodically. What did it say? Well besides the name of the church it said...

"Systematically teaching the Word of God"

Ok...so the "stupidness" is not so obvious on this one. But tell me, what is a church sign for? Is it for church members already attending that church? Nope. Obviously they know where the church is should be able to remember what the building looks like.

Church signs are for "advertising" to people who do not already attend there. Ok..so with that goal in mind and this church's chosen signage...who do you think they are advertising to? Who would "Systematically teaching the Word of God" appeal to? One would think only seasoned mature Christians would find that appealing.

So what't the point? The point of my rant is this... This sign reveals a flaw in our thinking in the church today. We have given up reaching the unchurched and the lost! Oh we still talk about them, put them in our mission statements and bring them up in our prayers... But we are not willing to change what we do or how we think in order to build a bridge and reach them!

We spend out time and money marketing to other Christians when we should be devoting our efforts to making some.

We at West Shore are still a church, but we are doing soemthing different...attempting to fix what is broken.