Friday, November 7, 2008

A God Unto Ourselves

Was at Wal~Mart today and they had the Christmas music playing already (of course!) The song that was on got me thinking though. It's the one that has "long lay the world in sin and error pining..."

It got me thinking about the incredible paradox that I see going on, and it makes me really sad. It seems that our culture is continuing to move away from God and continuing to move towards a secular humanistic philosophy. The paradox lies in that the farther we move away from God as we depend on ourselves, humanity and our own answers the worse things continue to get.

We are applauding our own enlightenment and cultural advancement even as things spiral into the toilet. As part of this picture there is an increasing anti-religion (mostly anti-Christian) sentiment going on. I have heard people talking about Christianity as the "last barrier to be removed" in this country.

It reminds me that one day, perhaps very soon, that "barrier" will be removed from this world for a short time. Humanity will celebrate itself even in the midst of chaos. There will arise a leader during that time that will coalesce the people and religions of the world into one body. It all sounds very noble, and yet it will be in rebellion against and denial of God Almighty and will lead to the final judgment.

As we continue to remake ourselves in this nation and around the world into our own image, we will march more and more towards decay. Proverbs 16:25 (ESV) "There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death." Values and morals apart from God can sound really good, but are in fact sin. The best example of this that I know of is the debate centering around Pro-life vs. Pro-choice. Both sound noble. Both seem to have the best interests of certain parties in mind. And yet, what does God's Word teach us about the beginnings and sanctity of life? The answer for these types of situations? "what makes you think your religion can tell me what to do?" "That book was written thousands of years ago and not should be interpreted allegorically." In other words, I don't like what it says, so I reject its authority.

But above all our objections as a culture. Above all our seeming nobility is a God who created all things and will hold all things to account. Above all is a God whose heart was so broken without us, that He paid the ultimate price to make a way for us. Above it all is a God whose grace continues to overwhelm the most stubborn of hearts with His love. But there will be an account given. He gives grace to the humble, but opposes the proud. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, it is not too late. But I believe that this final chapter in the Age of the Church is drawing to a close. Get past ideals, arguments, philosophy and ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you. If you are stuck in the parade that is marching to destruction, ask God to open your eyes to the fact that your heart lays in "sin and error pining" for the righteousness that only He can bring.