Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11, but dreaming of a different one...

It's 9/11 today. I think all of us remember exactly where we were when we first saw the pictures of a plane hitting the tower...and then a few minutes later another one. We saw bravery and courage that still stands within our memories as a monument and testimony to service and sacrifice today.

I am continuing a series on the Lord's Prayer as a paradigm rather than a script this Sunday and I am going to be examining extending forgiveness to others. In thinking about that and about what day it is today I began to think, "What if as a result of 9/11 we attended to the necessary security issues, but instead of what we chose we as a nation that was founded upon Christian principles had chosen to extend forgiveness instead?" Now of course this is completely hypothetical, but how would the world be different today?

Let me be clear: This is not political commentary and I honor our troops and their service and sacrifice for this country. I also am not a pacifist, I do believe there are times where force is justified. But even in those times where it is justified as St. Augustine said Christians should "march to war with tears in their eyes."

But what if... Forgiveness is costly.

I am going to be taking an honest look at what the Bible teaches about forgiveness on Sunday. Is there anything in your life where you have said "I just can't forgive..."

Is there justice in forgiveness?
Is forgiving just letting people off the hook?
Does forgiving someone mean pretending like nothing happened?
Does forgiveness mean going back to the way things were before?

God bless you today.